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Webmaster on DemandOn-Demand Managed Services gives you the best of both worlds, helping you control your expenses with an affordable fixed cost while giving you the support of an experienced web design and web marketing professional, all On Demand!

Are you intimidated with script installations or keeping up with regular security patch upgrades which is necessary to always keep your website in good trim? You can add Our Managed Service Package for only $120.00 per month per domain.

How do you expect to market your business, when you are spending the majority of your time designing and maintaining your website?

We are only accepting a limited number of clients at this time, so ACT NOW!

Let's Do The Math

Get Big Savings on Webmaster ServicesThe minimum salary for an entry-level web-person is around $50K annually. Thats $961.54 a week and does not include the cost of benefits, Social Security taxes, office space, office supplies, etc. By the time you add in all the cost of a fully loaded employee, the total cost to your company is close to double the annual salary!

With our On-Demand Managed Services you get our professional services, our 12 years of experience in managing the web presence of small, medium, and large websites, for way less than $50K annually.

With our On-Demand Managed Services there is no additional costs. no vacation or sick days. Just a superior level of service and support at rock bottom cost!

  • Unlimited Webmaster installation and site maintenance services

  • Routine backups of all databases and scripts.

  • Need changes or updates done to your website on a regular basis?

  • Social Network Backlink Service

  • Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Guaranteed Quick Response In Less Than 4 Hours

Get it right now and experience worry free website hosting instantly.

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