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How It Works How It Works

Live video retransmission on the internet, often called live video streaming, is a method that enables a video and/or audio source to be broadcast live and then viewed in real time by those with an internet connection.

Live streaming is part of a several step process. The first of these steps is to assign a source. Digital is the easiest and include webcams, such as those found built into most modern laptops. A traditional analog camera can also be used, although the feed has to be digitized first before it can be streamed.

Second step is encoding through Great Atlantic Media's encoder service. The service is flexible for both experts and beginners, and supports all encoders that can output in RTMP (Flash). These include popular encoders such as Wirecast, Tricaster and the Telestream to name a few. The Great Atlantic Media Group platform provides a walk through using Flash Media Live Encoder as a possible solution, which is free.

Third, the stream is sent through a secure internet transmission to our servers. Through a partnership here in Atlanta, Georgia with EdgeCast, one of the leading worldwide content delivery networks (CDN), media is then distributed worldwide to any viewer with an internet connected device.

Where your streams can be watched

There are multitudes of ways a your stream can be watched from our powerful and affordable service. Some examples include computers, mobile devices, internet connected televisions and video game systems. Our player module can be used as a white label service that can be branded by you, the broadcaster, and streams can be shared freely.

Where It Works

Live streams, such as a live video streaming channel, can be published on websites, using a code for embedded videos, or through a complimentary and optional channel page that we can create for you at no charge. Streams may also be used over social networks including Facebook, where a URL-like code is given that broadcasters can attach to walls without the need for viewers to download plugins. These streams can then be viewed directly from a Facebook wall.

High definition stream quality and streaming formats High Definition Stream

The Great Atlantic Media streaming platform allows video streams to be sent in different formats, specifically VP6 and H.264. Supported audio track formats include MP3, AAC and M4A. The system supports bitrates of up to 5 Mbs.

When broadcast through the Great Atlantic Media service is achieved, these video and audio codecs will be encapsulated and streamed from our Video Streaming player (see Demo Player above). Stream quality is determinable by the broadcaster, going from very low quality streams all the way up to true high definition, and can be set up through the preferred encoder.

streams Viewer Side

There is a great deal of importance in understanding how a viewer will interact with a feed when deciding upon its creation. This is especially important for live streaming, audio or video live streaming, where data is sent without the ability to pause and buffer, a method of storing video server side for playback.

There are two determinates for live stream quality beyond selecting a bitrate and establishing encoding preferences. This is connection speed from the broadcaster and the viewer. For example, if one has an upload speed of 750 kb a second, they will be limited to a maximum of around 700 kb a second for video streaming. People interested in HD quality streams should check with their internet service provider to verify their upload speed.

For viewer connection speed, the Great Atlantic Media platform presents a solution for high definition streaming. By presenting an option for multi-bitrate, broadcasters can stream in great quality but also define lower quality versions that will then be selected, automatically or manually, by viewers on slower connections such as mobile devices.

Monetizing your live stream Monetize Live Stream

When streaming with Great Atlantic Media, the user will have full access to a rich array or monetization features to start profiting off their live streaming.

Optional ads can be attached to channels to start generating money right away, and are selectable from a variety of options. These are pre-negotiated without the need for additional signup.

Pay per view and subscription services are also available and featured inside the media player with Great Atlantic Medias'Pay-in-Play interface for a high conversion rate. With a full payment system included, Great Atlantic Media lets the broadcaster focus on content while generating revenue at the same time.

Here are two different example about how you make cash! 1.) A broadcaster can charge $5 for an hour or day of viewer access. Broadcasters can even charge $0.50 a minute, turn on multiple purchases, and allow the viewer to stock up on as many minutes of content as they want to access. 2.) Broadcasters can attach up to three subscription rates to the same channel. This means, for example, a weekly subscription can be given a $10 fee, while a monthly subscription can go for $25. This lets broadcasters easily upsell content by providing discounts and incentives to spend more money than people normally would.

NO NEED TO HAVE A PAYMENT PROCESSOR! We Process all types of credit cards and PayPal (non-adult content only) payments include fees and transaction charges. Great Atlantic Media Group charges a 13.5% commission rate plus $0.50 for pay per view and subscription purchases which includes all fees factored in. These costs are automatically deducted, so there is no need to worry about having to make multiple payments to all of the companies involved.

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