Many of the websites hosted by Great Atlantic Hosting on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 suffered a latency issue. As a result of this issue some websites within my hosting network (my own company website included) may not have resolved correctly or may not have resolved at all within North America.

A series of daisy-chained routers in a data center in Provo, Utah were to blame for this outage. It appears that the issues began around 11 am ET Wednesday morning. Not only were my hosting client websites affected but millions or more websites from within the scope of service of the data center were also affected identically.

At approximately 3:35 am ET, Thursday morning, April 17th the routers were repaired and the latency issue resolved. I trust that this restoration is stable and there is no reasonable foreseeability that it will reoccur anytime in the immediate future.

While this issue was wholly out of my hands, and in fact out of my provider's hands there wasn't very much I could do but wait. Data Centers are very difficult to squeeze estimated time lines from when issues of this nature hits them - so I was left with nothing more than speculating as to what time this issue would resolve itself. Based on my previous experience with outages like this - I expected service to come back up within 2-4 hours ...6 at the most - but that was not so with this particular outage. Some of my hosting clients saw an outage as great as 16 hours, some around 8 hours - as the latency outage crept slowly down into our network on Wednesday morning and didn't become completely a full blown black-out until mid-afternoon for some websites.

Please accept my apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced and know that I was as frustrated as you may have been in trying to determine when things would be normal again. I contacted the data center directly and so did my provider, by phone, email and fax multiple times seeking information and was given little if any information and never a committed time of when the data center would finalize a solution.

Some of you may know about my personal 'absence' back over the winter and as a result of that may become exceedingly worried and concerned when events like this outage of today happens. Please know that I fully understand your concerns and I'm doing my very best to be much more easily accessible to answer questions and resolve any issue day or night related to your services with my company. I have also recently done what I should have done years ago and delegated secondary and a third protocol to be implemented in the event of any type of absence ever again.

You can follow me on Twitter @GrtAtlMedia and stay up to speed on most everything I'm doing as I frequently tweet any changes in the network's status, project announcements and other goings-on. These tweets are made by me personally and not by anyone else throughout the day and many times even in the wee hours of the night/morning. You are also invited to telephone me directly at anytime at my personal telephone number: 1+(404)840-9250 or email me at

Again I extend my most sincere and humble apologies for the outage of yesterday and I look forward into continuing to serve my market, smarter and harder than ever before! I consider each and every subscriber, client and vendor a valuable friend and it's my pleasure to serve you.


Mark Wilson
Support Desk
Great Atlantic Media Group

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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