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WordPress 3.6 has been released, dubbing the name "Oscar" (in honor of Canadian jazz pianist and composer Oscar Peterson) and includes a number of major new features that are sure to excite website owners, their users and developers. Tantamount to the many other new features is the built-in HTML5 media player and new audio/video API.

The new release is joined by a brand new theme -- Twenty Thirteen -- that provides a modern-art inspired, single-column layout that’s designed to work across mobile and desktop platforms. Sidebars and widgets have been moved into the footer, and it comes with support for Genericon font-based icons.

Wordpress TagsUser improvements include Revamped Revisions, which now store every single change to a post, allowing users to scroll through changes via a timeline slider to easily revert back to a previous version if required.

The feature -- accessed by clicking the new Revisions hyperlink under the save button -- also lets users compare two different versions side-by-side, plus records which user made which revision.

Other multi-user improvements see a new pop-up dialog appear when one user attempts to edit a post currently being worked on by another. The user can leave the post alone, preview what changes have been made or take control of the post depending on their access levels.

Each author also gains their own autosave stream, which is stored locally as well as online, to reduce the risk of data further.

The new built-in HTML5 media player means video and audio can now be embedded natively into posts simply by copying and pasting the media’s URL, and media can be previewed on the Media Edit screen too.

One final improvement for users comes in the form of an improved Menu Editor, which WordPress says is "much easier to understand and use".

If you're self-developing your site you also gain a new video/audio API that supports access to the media’s metadata, including ID3 tags. They can also opt for improved HTML5 markup for comment and search forms as well as comment lists. There are also better filters for how revisions work, so you maintain control of how much history is stored for different types of posts.

WordPress 3.6 is available now for servers supporting PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 or later. All clients hosted with Great Atlantic Hosting and it's cloud services have the necessary scripting installed necessary for Wordpress 3.6 to work.  Existing users should be able to upgrade to the latest version through their CMS front-end (please note important details regarding self installation or upgrading to the new version)
If you need assistance updating your website to the latest version of Wordpress and have Managed Services included with your web hosting package please create a support ticket and I'll access and make any necessary upgrades.

If your hosting package doesn't provide Managed Services, please consider our Managed Services program. More information can be found at: http://www.greatatlanticmedia.com/customers/managedservices.php

More details about the latest version and important tips for updating your website can be found at Wordpress.org.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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