$16 Dollar Domain Names

As you may know, Manwin settled a lawsuit last month with ICM Registry (the folks who manage the .XXX management). As a result of this legal settlement, ICM Registry agreed to stop charging an arm and a leg for the .xxx domain names by offering a reduced price for the month of May and agreed to make similar promotions in the future. The .xxx domain name was once available for $99 yearly, which was a good piece of change for anyone serious about getting up on the .xxx platform; a 10 year registration could cost you $990.00 or more per domain name.
Today after I’ve hashed out new domain register pricing agreements, I’m pleased to announce that you can register your .xxx domain name(s) for $16.00 per year (5 yrs. = $80.00 | 10 yrs = $160.00). This offer is available to you now and the offer is good thru May 31, 2013. If you have a preexisting .xxx domain name presently registered with Great Atlantic Media, you can renew/extend the years for $16.00 a year. If you have a preexisting .xxx domain name registered with a different Registar (i.e., Dotster, GoDaddy, ENOM) you can take advantage of this offer if you transfer the domain name over to our Registar Services.

If you’re interested in having your own .XXX or any other domain names or any of your associates and friends would like to get on this deal, please visit: http://www.greatatlanticmedia.com/customers/domainchecker.php where you can check name availability and take advantage of this limited time offer.


Friday, May 10, 2013

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