Public collaboration over the rules of the Internet is still only in it's infancy. The basic approach of the internet is to not take the internet seriously, which works against itself; which practically implies that rules themselves aren't rules to be followed.

Todd Leopold over at Cable News Network (CNN) based here in Atlanta recently selected a handful of favorite Internet rules, or truths some that I'm sure you might recognize.

CNN - Meet the Rules of the Internet

Nothing Is Scared

Anything You Post Will Eventually Become Public

Anything You Post Can And Will Be Used Against You

If You Post Something EPICALLY STUPID it will go viral

Whatever viral thing you love today you will come to hate tomorrow

However bizarre or obsure your interests SOMEONE shares them

There are facts on the Internet if you know where to look

Everything on the internet is Free or will be soon

Post Pictures or it didn't happen

If it exists there is porn of it

You Should Never Write In All Caps

Friday, February 22, 2013

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