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Great Atlantic Media Group

Since 1998, Great Atlantic Media Group has been providing businesses with commerce, hosting and web site solutions. During this time, the internet grew beyond everybody's wildest expectations. Today, we are proud to have experienced exponential growth and success. Great Atlantic Media Group is privately owned and operated. We find that an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction and constant innovation in the marketplace has guaranteed growth and stability. Sound financial practices and continued reinvestment have given Great Atlantic Media unrestrained opportunity. From the employment of superior, caring staff to the utilization of leading hardware and software no expenses have been spared so that Great Atlantic Media Group may present the world with what is clearly a superior hosting experience.

We create and manage integrated and effective hosting tools that successfully support every level needed by website owners in building, designing, marketing and optimizing their projects effortlessly, elegantly and intelligently.

Our company started in a home-based office in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2006, we moved to Atlanta, Georgia and in 2011 moved into our new corporate operation center and marketing office located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Our new executive suite is located on the 20th floor of One Atlantic Center, also known as the IBM Tower. Among our IT/technical corporate neighbors are, The Weather Channel and Universal Music Group.

San Diego Data CenterWe own and operate our own state-of-the-art servers which are racked in a secure data center located in San Diego, California. The San Diego AIS building is a Tier 4 certified, boasting an 80,000+ square foot collocation facility, which stands and operates as an unprecedented feat of technological security. AIS was recently honored with SAS 70 Type II audit certification, an internationally-recognized standard that reviews all levels of technology service providers for security, communication, business practices and internal procedures.

Great Atlantic Media Group is committed to strong partnerships with leading technology vendors and services companies. We believe that continuous development of these partnerships leads to improved usability, security, accessibility and greater satisfaction for all of our customers.

Message From Our President

Mark Wilson

Welcome to my website. Everywhere you look, you hear people talking about the Net and the Web - as though they're on a first name basis. Radio shows give you their email addresses, businesses give you their web site (starting with "www" and ending with the ubiquitous "dot com"), and strangers ask whether you have a home page or a picture of yourself to share. Everywhere you turn it's "dot com - dot com - dot com". Just about everything you see these days is associated with the Internet.

My questions to you at this point is, where are you and your business at on the Internet? Does your business have a web site online this very minute? Do you think that you should have a web site that demonstrates your image?

Allow me to share a bit about myself while you ponder the answers to the questions I just asked.

Some 13 years ago I began my career as a direct salesman. I went door-to-door. My objective was to meet as many people I could each day. Typically I could meet 40 new people daily and show my product to as many as 10 people. By the end of the day I at least put a business card into over 40 people's hands, demonstrated my product at least 4 times and closed 1 sale.

Within a usual month I greeted over 900 people on their front door, 122 heads of the house allowed me inside to display my product and I closed 40 or so sales. This took lots of self discipline, earnest persistence, positive thinking and just plain hard work!

If only I could double my efforts ...

Some 13 years later I learned how to double those efforts. Instead of walking door-to-door, I began making telephone calls from number to number to my prospects. I could now talk to some 3,000 people a month and close over a 100 sales.

I invested more than a few thousand dollars in an "automated dialing machine". This "machine" could deliver my recorded sales spill to over 1,500 people a day, 45,000 people per month and a generous 1,000 or more sales.


The "automated dialer" was truly a way cool machine, don't you agree ? After it worked all day calling everyone I could use it to connect to the new thing called the Internet. I surfed around on it looking at news, played virtual chess with my first online friend and of course emailed the boss with the sales report of the "machine" business for the day.

I noticed that while I was using the "machine" for these perks that over 20 million other people like myself were doing the same thing online in real time. That was over 4 years ago. Today over 70 million people spending over 300 billion dollars yearly are online!

I'll cut my story short as you can imagine that I moved on with those bigger and better numbers.

Let me show you how to increase your numbers. I'll even give you my personal attention.

Now, where are you and your business on the Internet today?

Happy Surfing,

Mark Wilson
Great Atlantic Media Group

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